Friday, December 4, 2009

How I Recycle Old Paint bottles and Baby Socks!

I was painting a baby sock as a Santa, and I needed to position it somewhere so I could paint all the way around it..the 2 oz bottles of acrylic paints are perfect!
You could leave them on the bottle and display, or take it off the bottle, it stands alone anyway. I am thrilled with the Socks as Santas..way cute..I think they would make great ornaments for Santa Collectors!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009


I am preparing for the video class of this painting, 'Sunshine Cafe Rooster'.
Registration is now open. Go to the link and sign in, and join the network.
Register here with paypal

This painting is on wood. I create a textured background and the technique
is done with tube acrylics, or at least thicker pigment paints. I'll show you
how to paint the colorful backgrounds and add a Rooster and you
can personalize this to say whatever You like. It doesn't have to be
'Sunshine Cafe', it can be customized by You.
The video will be uploaded and the class will begin Dec. 7.
The class fee is $24.00
I will be adding new classes and each of them will be one hour video classes
and you will recieve pdf files and jpg pics of the instructions and any line drawings.
I will teach you to make this Your Own Painting. It will be an original by you.
The junkartqueens.ning network is a place to learn and share.
I hope to see you in the Classroom!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Out of Print Issues of the Decorative Painter FOR SALE NOW

You can read details about this out of print issue of the Decorative Painter, from 1988
if you go to my etsy store (link below)
Rosemary West's design is on the cover. It's an awesome issue,
and looks like it has never been touched, good as new.

New Etsy Vintage Store 'BLESS MY BISCUITS' now open

I love Old stuff, and I have collected it for a while now.
Even when I was in my teens, I would go up into my Mamaw Hettie's Attic
and dig around and claim stuff that I figured nobody else wanted. I got old irons,
dishes, bottles, etc... My Mother didn't have any desire for that old stuff.
I have a photo of my dream home, actually a few photos of different rooms
and ideas, and I look at that for inspiration for WHY I should unload
and destash some of the stuff I've been hanging on to for years.
They are just things,and I have so much I don't have space to view them.
I think if you have things, they should be displayed out in the open,
where you can enjoy them. And remember, my Motto is:
:If You Love it, then You should Have it".
Don't wait til someone else has purchased it and it's Gone!
These items are unique one of a kind treasures!
I'm listing more dishes, and vintage goods on my new vintage etsy, so
check it out and come back often!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Getting Back to Nature- Turkey Tutorial

Hi, My Name is Tolbert!

This a fun project for Thanksgiving using Natural elements.
It could be made into a Pin or a little wall hanging.

Gather some Acorns and some Oak Leaves.
It's best if the leaves are still green, and not brittle.

You'll need some glue. I like this Quick Grip works
as fast as Hot Glue, except without the burns!
It gets built up on your fingers but nail polish remover on a
cotton ball cleans it right up.

Next step is to paint the leaves and the acorn white with acrylic craft paints.
The paint helps to preserve the leaves so they won't become brittle.

After painting the acorn to resemble a turkey face, I glued on a bit
of red rickrack on the top of the turkey's head. I used red paint
to cover the glue that showed.
On the tail feathers I used metallic blue and green,
and brown, burnt sienna and orange.
I love the way the leaves look like wispy feathers.

I glued the leaves together in layers with the largest one in the
back, and smaller ones in front.

I trimmed the stems at the bottom after I glued the leaves together.

I cut the beak from some cardstock paper and painted it orange
and glued it on the face. I painted the eyes with a tiny brush.
The legs are some cocktail toothpicks I found at the dollar store.
They are two pronged..those are Turkey Toes!
Little twigs would work great too!
I glued on some black embroidery thread for
my Turkeys know they have a beard don't cha' ?
Well, I guess the boy turkeys do.
You could use those little moving eyes if you want.
I just made little black dots, then little yellow dots,
and another tiny black dot.

I brushed on a coat of satin water based varnish on the whole thing,
front and back.
I glued a pin on the back, it's now Gobble Gobble Jewelry!

I shot a real live Wild Turkey a long time ago. I remember it having a
very long beard..long skinny stringy beard.

I did this project in about one hour.
I had been gathering leaves and acorns because I have
more ideas to do with the Acorns..

I needed to do a pin for a Swap ASAP, so I had to
get something done SOON. I was so excited when
I was putting it together. You know there's always that chance
that it looks Stoopid and it's all a waste of time.
I am tickled how it came out!

My next idea is a Family Tree of Nuts.
The little acorns will make cute people with toboggans hats on!

Or what about Snowmen?
The ideas are endless!

Gobble Gobble Gobble!!!!

Mixed Media on Wood--"Prayer Meeting"

Silver Leaf is nice, but Hey, Aluminum foil did the trick here.
I textured a Wood piece, adhered splashes of the foil,
Painted the design, and applied an antique glaze over it.
Aluminum Foil is Way cheap..and I am a Frugal Artist!

Monday, October 12, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sue Mitchell, Our Sister in Heaven

OCTOBER 13, Sue Mitchell DaySue painted this beautiful Texas Country Scene on a Saw Blade.

Sue Mitchell, Christian Artist, sister, aunt, daughter and friend to many many many people.

October 13 is Sue Mitchell Day, because it was the day she was born. She went Home to be with her Lord, on May 6, 2009. What a Beautiful Person Sue was, and we will never forget all the love she gave us on Chic-Chicks. Today we reminisced old stories and how she touched our lives. We each thought she was only making us feel special when she would write to us personally..but as it turns out, She wrote her tail feathers off!
She tried to save Everyone on the Planet Earth! We were all special to Sue (Susie Mitchell)
and Sue was surely Special to each of us!

We've had an outpouring of hearts thinking of Sue today, remembering her on her Birthday.
There is a weblog dedicated to Sue, with some notes of things we remember about her..

bluebonnets and daydreams

We'll See you on The Other Side Dear Sister!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Matchbox Swap Pics!

Chic-Chicks Yahoo Art Group are doing Matchbox Makeovers!
We have goodygoodygumdrops with her Altered Art matchboxes!

closeup2 with watermarkcloseup1 with watermark

This one is a Bookmark in a Matchbox by Vicky Ausmus.

Vicky's Matchbox Swap

Next is one by Margaret Grimm..

matchbox 9/09 by rustyhen

2nd pic 9/09 by rustyhen

Beth Mosier created a Scarecrow Matchbox.


A Chicken Coop Me

and the barn scene one is mine too..I think it could make a great
Pendant to wear for the Fall season. It was so much fun to do the first one,
I couldn't stop at one..and I want to make more!

Loretta Neighbors made a Scarecrow and a Boo Box!

Dorothy Baumgartner created this lovely box, it's very'
striking!! I am the proud recipient..She put halloween surprises inside..
and a silver heart pendant with my name engraved on it!

These are handpainted by Marily Gray


And below is the cutest little spider box I've ever seen..
made by Carol Delong..and sometimes we get candy and goodies packed in our Swaps!

Aren't these all Amazing?
We really have fun with our Creativity!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm Decorating for Fall!

Finished the lid on the Recycled Igloo. Now it's on my Table ready
for Turkey day!

Friday, September 11, 2009

My fun day with Karen at The Woodlands, Tx

Let me tell you about my day Yesterday!! I took a little trip to visit my friend,
Karen Fenter, at The Woodlands, Tx.
It is so Nice there! We had a great time..

Karen is enjoying her favorite dessert-Pecan Pie,
at the Hubbell and Hudson, Market and Bistro..where we had Lunch.

best describes the food there!
We sat by the window to devour our food. We split this Wonderful
Wrap from the Deli, that they put on a grill and brown like a Pannini sort of.
So, then we had plenty of room for dessert.
My dessert was Creme Brulee.... OH GEEZE..
I got to keep the little brown crock dish it comes in, they pack everything up to go.
They have a wonderful array of Deli sandwhiches, Soups, Baked Bread, Wines, Cheese
and Desserts, and Gourmet Gifts.
It's a great restaurant that is near The Woodlands Waterway Marriott,
where the Houston Expo 2010 will be held.
I'll be going back there for Sure!

I don't get out of Brenham much, and Karen mentioned Jerry's Artarama
and I said YES! It only took us a few minutes to drive thru traffic
from The Woodlands to get there. 30 minutes later, we came out with
a car load of canvases and paintbrushes, paints, mediums, and paper clay.
I was like a Kid in a Candy Store. I Love getting new brushes!

I'm ready for some Students Now!

Thank You Karen for hauling me around your City, and
showing me your lovely Home!
Y'all take a look-

It was a treat for me to tour Karen's Home. We talked so much
we were so tired at the end of the day. But not too tired for me
to get Karen in front of her Mac to create a Blog.
I'll link up with her blog as soon as she gets it loaded up with stuff.
And this Home is on the Market now, because Karen and her Husband
are moving! Thank goodness for the internet and SKYPE!
We can keep in touch and see each other!

This was the real treat for My peepers... Karen is an Artist.
See this wonderful piece she has in her home..
My husband Dave and I are going back to Karen and Dave's on Sunday morning because
we're buying this neat Futon Sofa and bringing it back
to El Rancho Guacamole!! YAY!!

My husband Dave and I are going back to Karen and Dave's on Sunday morning because
we're buying this neat Futon Sofa and bringing it back
to El Rancho Guacamole!! YAY!!
We'll be fighting over who's piling up on this by Sunday evening!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fun with chalk boards

I used a recipe for making my own 
chalkboard paint. I sure like it better than the storebought kind.
And you can make it any color you like!

I attatched mini erasers to the string or fabric, and also 
the chalk.
This one is my favorite, with the eraser and chalk hanging as legs.
The one below is just a stencil pattern. I like the clean simple look of these.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day Treasure!

Here's my latest garage sale treasure..Cost only $1.00. 
I had to snag this!
It will be great to decorate with this for Labor Day
and Memorial Day, July 4th, and all US Holidays!
There was No artist name on this, I wish they had signed it.
The detail on these is wonderful. Very nicely handcrafted!