Thursday, August 29, 2013

Funky Chicken Store Now Open

I have never been to the Florida Keys, 
but My art has made it's way there.

I was asked by the store owner to
create a Funky Chicken logo for his store.
He found my art on my blog and facebook,
and he said My chickens were the
Happiest Chickens he ever saw.

After many different Roosters I painted 
and showed my client, this one below
passed the Audition!

My designs made it onto T shirts for the store too.

My art is on the two on the left and right of this rack. They look Fabulous, don't they?

One day maybe I will be lucky enough to 
Click on the link and go
take the virtual of the shop!

It's good to know that all my time sitting in front of the computer is not all for nothing.

Thank You Mr. Funky Chicken Store
for your patience and creating such a beautiful store and including my Art
and being so nice to work with. It has
been such a pleasure.