Saturday, December 29, 2012

My TOP Projects of 2012

In Spring I was in the Gardening mood,
but it was SO darn Hot (TEXAS), I came in and
this is the painting I created after
being inspired by the HEAT.

Then along came summer, and being from
Texas, I like to paint some kind of
Wildflowers that are in season.
Below are my Indian Blankets on Canvas.

This little mixed media was a swap gift.
I used a canvas, added bits of paper,
made a nest and eggs from white caulking.
Then I added polkdots with paint.

The Metal Art wall hanging
I saved from the dump because
it needed a little TLC.
Here is the Before
and After.

One of my Favorite ReJuvenations
is this Chicken Armoire.

On Canvas

Some Fun Signs I created in the Summer

The Chicken Farm Truck

 A Rejuvenated Wheelbarrow.
I rescued this before my husband threw it in the trash pile. 
What do you mean it has a hole in it?
That doesn't mean it's trash!
It's a Project to Me!

Another favorite Rejuvenation
is this old hamper.

I named this one 'Yonder Way Farm Chicks'

What with Our Country in Turmoil
and the whole Political Scene, 
the Chickens are also feeling the pain.

I can't say a lot about this partial picture of my latest creation,
Santa has Not delivered it Yet to the Recipient.

I will reveal the whole barn picture later.