Friday, December 19, 2008


                          Hello, it's Suzie on the Porch by you.

Wow, where has the year gone??  Reflecting back now...What did I do this year?  We moved for the last time.  Here I am on the Porch, getting ready to greet Customers!!  Come On Over...
Come as You are. Don't worry about your hair or your clothes.  It's just little ol' Junker Me, tinkering around in my stash creating works of art out of favorite thing to do.

Oh drats, I have to get ready for work now..see ya'll later... have a Great Weekend..

Monday, October 27, 2008

Painting Chickens

One of my favorite chicken patterns I've created is the Ditzy Chicks.... they are fun to paint on everything...they also come in a Christmas version..the Cackle Carolers...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The Official Mother Cluckers were a big hit at Houston Expo and did draw some attention. Wherever we gathered, there was a cloud of yellow feathers and some cackling noise. We really made a statement!! Check out my suziecackleblossums flickr photostream .

Monday, June 16, 2008


GOING GREEN IN THE WORLD!! I like to do my part to Recycle. I made this Tote Bag/Purse for an Eggxchange we just did on Chic-Chicks. I am All About Recycling Jeans and Pants into Neat Bags to paint on!! They're great. They already have pockets for your cell phone, glasses, car keys....I have one I made a few years ago. They are so narrow, I was a skinny minnie then. I love carrying it, it's just right and holds everything I need. I don't Sew too much, but the way I made this, Anyone could do it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008



What a fun weekend we had painting. Some of the Texas chicks were able to meet and retreat ourselves to a weekend. We have started a new thing..We are now officially the Mother Cluckers! I painted a glass block with all us chicks on it, and I've added our names. Gerrianne is gac, Annetta is Ned, then we have Beth, Vicky, Debbe, Darlene, Loretta, and Me. The House Mom's, Sue and Cyndie, took care of us, fed us and waited on us hand and foot. We included them in the Charter Members of the Mother Cluckers.

We painted some great projects that are in our group photos on the yahoo group chic-chicksand in my picture trail: junkartqueen/mother cluckers

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Suzie Cackleblossums Portrait

Sharon has captured my dispostion after a story about my Mechanic Rip Off by Mr. Quack. He took me for a ride, so here is my idea of taking him for a Hells Canyon

By Artist, Sharon Forand..aka 'Chicken Lips'

See more of Sharon Forands fantastic work here


Another idea for recycling!! Make Wall Pockets from Cans!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

This was my first Newsletter
in case you missed it

2007 Was a great and Eggxciting year for me. Valentines and Romance inspired the 'Sweetheart blossoms' design. Bluebonnets and Spring inspired the 'Texas Bluebonnets' and 'Wildflowers' designs. Along came the '3D Star/Tx flag' on screenwire. Junk Art School was inspired by a workshop at my home, and a trip to buy breakfast pastries at SugarDaddy's Bakery and Gift shop here in Brenham,Tx. On the way back we spotted a Garage Sale sign, and Lordy, we hit the JackPot!! I found out that I was not the only Junk Art Junkie!! 'Cupcake a la Cherry' was next. The Easter egg hunt began with 'Hettie Hen w/Spring eggs'. 'Garden Trio' hanging baskets and topiaries enhanced our Garden mode. 'Chickie Babies' burst onto the scene for Summer. 'Lamp Jars with a Roo' and a 'Hen on eggs', 'Quilts on the line', 'Funky Chic-chicks' ..inspired for my official Website: Cackleblossums Eggxpress done by my dear friend Ruby, the 'Chicken Enchilada' from New Mexico.
Much to my Amazement, I was contacted by the editor of the Society of Decorative Painters Org for submitting a design to be featured in the Magazine. My first publication was in the 4th issue, July and August, 2007! What a lot of Eggcitement that caused!! I 'bout fell from my Nest! Not to mention, had to dry my tail feathers, and I think I broke some eggs!! I wondered how she knew about my picturetrail ??? I won't mention any names, but I will say the initials of gossip source are shhh!: AMBER `aka~chicklets HALL... might as well admit it..... Yeah, she was just out spreading vicious rumors that maybe I might just have little something worth submitting and could use a little push and pull. Amber is what I call a Good Egg!
I was pushed and pulled and finally came up with something they accepted. If You become a member of the National Society of Decorative Painters, you'll enjoy the wonderful designs that are published and lots of other interesting information. If you ARE a member, you saw my 'Run Hot Wings, Run' design on a floorcloth, and the 'Flip Flops'..and the article about Junk Art School.
July 2007 was a Hot month for me. I was an Exhibitor in the Houston Expo 2007 in Texas, right after the issue of SDP arrived!! What fun I had at Convention. I met Pricilla Hauser, Georgia Feazle, amongst many other artists whom I have purchased books by over the years.
Some of my Chick friends were at the Convention and showed support for me. Ruby the Chicken Enchilada Flew into our Texas Coop from her New Mexico Coop, to sign up for classes, which is why I decided I should Exhibit!! Hello...if she can fly from NM, I can drive 60 miles! Oh My goodness, what a bunch of Cackling we all did!! My booth was lively with some of my yahoo group chic-chick friends Texas Chicks showing up from time to time, between classes.. and we had a Dinner Party with Chick-A-Rita' s!! Loretta and Sandy helped me so much with my booth and sales and MORAL chick support!! Thank You!!
Ruby dropped by in between classes....she didn't waste Any time!!
Gerrianne and Annetta and Darlene and Debbe were all over the place too. And Ellen was there and I met Karen... I made some new friends and the Comaradery was Awesome!!
I hatched some great little 'Cackle Kits' for some fun Chickcessories [Pins] which were a Show Hit!! Also a 'Santa Star' ornament kit, a fun T-Towel 'Chicken Wings'. It was great to meet some of my customers face to face, No way I can fit all the names in here. I'll be there in 2008 for sure too! Hope to see them again and Maybe You too!
I submitted three designs for the Society of Decorative Painters/Treasure Box program..
'Leapin' Frogs', 'Ice Cream, You Scream', and 'Sweet' [candies].
Next was my 'Pink and Yellow Roses'. Back to the Farm, I was inspired to do 'Good Friends are Cheeper than Therapy' chicks. 'Mz. Bossy Cow' and 'Cow Pies' was hatched next.. Fall inspired my 'Fall and Feathers' Chickens. The Holiday Season inspired '3 French Hens', and Apples and Cinnamon sticks'. The Rooster Weathervane is one of my latest for the Clucker of the Month patterns. Last but not least and adding up to #30 is my 'Home Sweet Home' design.
I have lots more ideas in the Skillet I'm cooking up. Hatching new ideas daily. My friends and customers inspire me to keep designing. Some days I feel a little 'f r i e d'. Then a good nights rest on the nest, I wake up to a brand new day full of ideas!
Let's see what the New Year brings. I'm cooking Cabbage and Black Eyed Peas for New Years Day!!
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Til Next Newsletter... hugs, Suzie Cackleblossums