Monday, May 11, 2009

New Day, New Painting

I started this painting. Then I let it sit for a few was OK..
then I finished it today.  It was So much fun!!

This is painted on a piece of hardi plank siding. I love the texture. 
Original art by Susan Wymola
copyright 2009

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sue Mitchell 1949-2009 new blog created

I am very sad today to learn of Sue Mitchell passing away. I just saw recent photo on one of her blogs, and I commented how cute it was. I love the hat! This is the way I will always remember Sue/Susie Mitchell -(Aunt Biddy on chic-chicks group). She was such an inspiration to Me and I know she has so many loved ones she has made very sad on this day. May she rest in Gods arms now and we'll see her on the other side.

The picture below is an old iron that Sue painted. I bought from her on ebay. It was $12.00.
I love is so much and I wouldn't take a Million $$$ for it. 
It's one of the most  colorful beautiful scenes I've ever seen painted. 
Country Scenes were her specialty, and then chickens. 

Monday, June 29, 2009.  I was so happy I had an opportunity to visit Sue's Graveside.  A road trip with my daughter took us right through Rising Star,Tx.  Below is a little bridge we crossed to get to Sue's Home Place. I wanted to see her house I had heard so much about. It looked very lonely without Sue's touch.  But it was special to me to get to be there, just for a few moments.   I could picture Sue out in her yard tending to the flowers, 
and going out with Buddy to get the mail.  

The following picture is of the Cemetery.  
I love visiting old Cemeteries out in the Country. This visit was very special to me. 
Had I known ahead that we would be driving right through this town, I would have painted something to place near Sue's grave.  I think a little concrete bench would be nice to place there, so maybe others could get the opportunity to stop by and write to Sue, 
or paint a little tribute to her. That's another Road Trip.