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Susan Wymola
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Monday, January 9, 2012

Sweets for Sweethearts

An array of Sweet roses for Valentines gifts

hand painted roses on vintage metal tea pots, buckets. Sand off the paint to reveal some
metal, it's shabby!

Of of my favorite windows I painted.
After basecoating the glass with white
paint, let it dry, and scrape out a heart
shape so you have a little window to peek through.

A little 8x10 frame is great for a mini
window art. Sponge on the white background
in acrylics, and leave a space around the
edges to see through.

Vintage spoons are great for necklace
pendants. Sand the inside of the spoon with a very fine sponge sanding sheet.Wash with vinegar and soap and water. Basecoat the inside of the spoon with white acrylic paint.
Paint the roses or designs.
Seal with acrylic varnish.
The buttons are handpainted with
folk art enamels. No sealing necessary.
I cut remnants of crocheted pieces from
doilies, then glued on the buttons.
Glue on pin backs or glue right
into a spoon.

Designer Candy bar wrappers are wonderful
to give your sweetheart when there
is Chocolate inside!
Cut sheet music just a bit smaller
than the original wrapper. Paint directly
on the sheet music, or print designs
and/or quotes 
onto the paper from your computer.
Add ribbon and handwritten
notes on the paper to

Ribbon roses for a Valentines bouquet.
Tutorial coming soon on my etsy store.

I painted on a dotted swiss ribbon
and tied on a prism which I also 
hand painted with a tiny rosebud.
Added pink chiffon ribbon and it makes
a wonderful bookmark.

I'm glad I keep pictures of creations
from a while ago, but the ideas are
still good. Hand painted Valentines card,
hand painted goblet full of ribbon roses,
bookmark, designer candy bar wrapped
find my rose designs and free instructions

Display of candy bars wrapped in
designer wrappings. A great extra gift
for your sweetie.

I scanned sheet music then
used fonts from my computer to print
quotes onto the paper. Then
I embellished the wrapper with
a hand painted red rose. 
Wrap with red tulle ribbon and 
It's Ready to Gift.

This is hand painted directly onto
a satin scrap. Pinked on the edges.
I remove the brown wrapper, and
the silver wrapper looks nice with
the satin.

A decorated recycled cd makes
a great gift.
Vintage pearls add charm.

Painted on watercolor paper.

Sweeheart blossums
get the free painting pattern I designed

Cut out of a vintage quilt.

Painted on paper doily.

graphically done heart
from vintage hanky.

Straight from My Texas Heart

Hope Your Valentines Day is Sweet.
Make something Sweet for Someone.

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