Monday, April 30, 2018

My Funky Chicken Store Journey

It all started 4.30.2015
With this email letter
5 years ago:

I’ve never met a nicer Gentleman and it was a Pleasure doing business with him.
Mr. Winters had a lot of input and ideas of the kind of art he wanted in his Art Gallery.
I say ‘it was’, because he sold to new owners early in 2017.
I created the logo for his store which he used for the store front sign. 

I wasn’t looking for wholesale business as I stay pretty busy with my etsy store,
but Mr. Winters had a way with words and Charm, so I could not resist. 

I have had a few people who visited 
Key West and the Funky Chicken Store,
like this one, see the little face at the bottom pointing to the sign up above?
I have not ever visited Key West Yet.

I enjoyed all the correspondence through emails with Mr. Winters. I had forgotten how much I missed Mr. Winters until I pulled up all the old emails with him ordering and giving me input of exactly how he would like the chicken art to sell in his shop.
I think he had a good eye for what would sell good because I painted a Lot of signs while he was the Owner.

I know Mr. Winters is happily traveling and enjoying his life and I am happy for him. 

The Funky Chicken Store owners are still buying from me, but we don't quite have
that business connection as I had with
Mr. Winters. 

All Good things come to an end.

But I'm here, still painting for now, until I am fortunate enough to retire and
go traveling.

See my chicken art and other art here

Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year Brings New Adventures for Art Exposure

Fine Art America does a good job of printing art onto objects, besides wall art.
Pillows, Comforters, Tote Bags, Pouches,
Wood Prints, Metal Prints, Canvas Prints,
Phone cases, Fleece blankets, and more.

Here are a few samples of my art printed
on different surfaces.
To see all of my art available for print
Click on the link:

Go to my profile to see all the products they offer.


Thursday, July 6, 2017


I painted this yard sale find
cute bed frame and I made it
Adorable for our granddaughter
Elizabeth. She Loves it. 

The bed frame need birdhouses worked on
so Poppy Dog (David) fixed those.

Sunday, January 8, 2017


Here are Some Hearts and Roses
that I have painted. 
February (The Love Month)
I  hope you enjoy seeing my art.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Antique Gallery Round Rock Update

When I am not painting chickens,
I am having fun adding new merchandise to my space at the Antique Gallery Round Rock

If you get the chance to drive over to Round Rock, Texas, I hope you will stop by
and visit the Gallery. There are over 100 dealers and you will love this store.
Step back in time and browse and be sure to grab a shopping buggy.
There are unique items that will be here today but GONE TOMORROW,
so make sure you get it if you like it.
They do Lay-a-way too!

My dealer space is #2539. Ask one of the friendly staff to show you my space.

If you see anything in the photos here that you might want me to Ship to you,
Please go to my Facebook page
and message me here