Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Join a Fabulous Art Group of Chicks


We have an imaginary High Rise CoopDominium to accomodate all the chicks from around the world.. Not just USA chicks, we have chicks from Australia, Canada,Scotland, and England so we have to have the underground floor for the Aussies..down under.. then we also have the Rooftop garden/spa where we go for relaxation..and when we want to have a party, we get the Chickendales to come in and entertain us.. and the Texas Floor has the most chicks, so we keep that for our Dance Hall, and we serve Chic-A-Ritas for happy hour.

We are artists, but we are also Real People with Ups and Downs and we like to make friends and let things be relaxed. We share recipes, remedies, art tips, grandkid stories, and even the bad stuff..like our kids with they're going thru the terrible Teens..
Join Us if you think You might just fit in: