Sunday, November 22, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009


I am preparing for the video class of this painting, 'Sunshine Cafe Rooster'.
Registration is now open. Go to the link and sign in, and join the network.
Register here with paypal

This painting is on wood. I create a textured background and the technique
is done with tube acrylics, or at least thicker pigment paints. I'll show you
how to paint the colorful backgrounds and add a Rooster and you
can personalize this to say whatever You like. It doesn't have to be
'Sunshine Cafe', it can be customized by You.
The video will be uploaded and the class will begin Dec. 7.
The class fee is $24.00
I will be adding new classes and each of them will be one hour video classes
and you will recieve pdf files and jpg pics of the instructions and any line drawings.
I will teach you to make this Your Own Painting. It will be an original by you.
The junkartqueens.ning network is a place to learn and share.
I hope to see you in the Classroom!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Out of Print Issues of the Decorative Painter FOR SALE NOW

You can read details about this out of print issue of the Decorative Painter, from 1988
if you go to my etsy store (link below)
Rosemary West's design is on the cover. It's an awesome issue,
and looks like it has never been touched, good as new.

New Etsy Vintage Store 'BLESS MY BISCUITS' now open

I love Old stuff, and I have collected it for a while now.
Even when I was in my teens, I would go up into my Mamaw Hettie's Attic
and dig around and claim stuff that I figured nobody else wanted. I got old irons,
dishes, bottles, etc... My Mother didn't have any desire for that old stuff.
I have a photo of my dream home, actually a few photos of different rooms
and ideas, and I look at that for inspiration for WHY I should unload
and destash some of the stuff I've been hanging on to for years.
They are just things,and I have so much I don't have space to view them.
I think if you have things, they should be displayed out in the open,
where you can enjoy them. And remember, my Motto is:
:If You Love it, then You should Have it".
Don't wait til someone else has purchased it and it's Gone!
These items are unique one of a kind treasures!
I'm listing more dishes, and vintage goods on my new vintage etsy, so
check it out and come back often!