Monday, April 19, 2010

Sometimes Dreams Come True, so DREAM BIG!

Final pic of the finished wall..Oh,except for a some chickens I may add in the front or on the porch later. My friend, Beverlee asked 'Where are the Chickens'? for now this is it.

First I sketched the design on the wall with chalk. The red house with the porch seemed like a great idea.

Next a Giant Sunflower, and the tree trunk..I based those in:

I added whimsy designs with clear acrylic stamps and stencils:

Here's a shot of how it's all coming together:

Had some fun with stencils on my sculptured bushes:

I have not taken photos of the finished wall, but this pic is the last step up to that point..

Check back to see the completed wall.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Don't you love this sweet bunny! He is a my garden watch bunny now. $2.00!

Check out this family of three,my favorites: Chickens! $20.00 for all three


It's sadly painted with a dark brown reddish paint. I might shabby chic it! The seller says it still works! I think it would be cool done in white.

And this shadow box frame clock..$5.00..I'm going to remove the do-daddies in the boxes on each side of the clock, and add family photos. Note-the little sunflower board over to the left...another piece painted by me sometime in the past..rescued and brought home..I'll revive it with color and varnish and It's all mine again..

Lastly: a cool Roto-photo thingy $1.00, tin box of Little Golden books Go Fish cards- 50 cents!, and the yellow place mats also $1.00!