Monday, April 19, 2010

Sometimes Dreams Come True, so DREAM BIG!

Final pic of the finished wall..Oh,except for a some chickens I may add in the front or on the porch later. My friend, Beverlee asked 'Where are the Chickens'? for now this is it.

First I sketched the design on the wall with chalk. The red house with the porch seemed like a great idea.

Next a Giant Sunflower, and the tree trunk..I based those in:

I added whimsy designs with clear acrylic stamps and stencils:

Here's a shot of how it's all coming together:

Had some fun with stencils on my sculptured bushes:

I have not taken photos of the finished wall, but this pic is the last step up to that point..

Check back to see the completed wall.


Lynn @ Painting Thyme Needfuls said...

That is awesome Susan!

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

What a beautiful mural Susan! I love painting murals, I have only done a few but they are so much fun.