Monday, June 25, 2012

I am back to the drawing room for Art again,
Now that my baby Rooster (son Jacob-22)
is back at his apartment after a nasty spill
on his motorcycle on May 10. I couldn't 
concentrate on much else until I knew he didn't need my undivided full attention. 
He is back at his own place now and doing well, so paint brushes, here I come..

This picture I found on Yonder Way Farm
an organic farm in Fayetteville, Texas
actually this picture is on their facebook fan page..If you go to their website you can see all the wonderful products they have.

As an artist I am always searching for subjects to paint. These fluffy chickens caught my eye, and I mentioned to YWF's 
Farmer's Wife, Lynsey that I would love to
paint some of their critters.  
She said Sure, so I did.  

Acrylics on Vintage Door Panel, 
by Susan Downey Wymola

Check out the Yonder Way Farm family blog 
You'll get a cackle out of it like I did! 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I've been seeing lots of Indian Blanket Flowers
since Bluebonnets faded away. They are so pretty. I painted large ones on a 16x20 Canvas
in acrylics. It was fun, but now I want to

Go paint some Feathers! See ya soon.
Happy Painting!