Sunday, October 19, 2014

I SUPPORT the ANIMALS, You can too


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This is how the cabinet doors look on either side of a window.

Original Art by me, Susan Wymola

Monday, October 13, 2014

RE-Purposed Bed Frame and Farm Table into Dining Booth

Farm Table Dining Booth

I've been thinking about this for a year.
We salvaged the bed frame but the rails got damaged. There was no way to replace the unique rails. 
I was ok with not having it as a bed anymore
because I could picture a booth dining area
if we made benches with the headboard and footboard. 

I knew my husband would figure it out..I just said, Honey, build a box and put legs on the front. It doesn't have to be perfect. It's all getting white paint and then cushions.

I Love the ornate wood appliques. 

So my dear husband, Mr. Handyman made it happen. The table was made by his Dad a long time ago and it was used outside. We live in a small apartment which connects to a huge garage like room but we made it into another living area for Kitchen and my Studio/Workshop combination. I am practicing for when I actually get my dream barndominium. I want a barndominium because I like big open spaces for creative decorating.

{Never Give Up on your Dreams }

Mr. Handyman put old beadboard wood on top to complete the rejuvenation. 


There will be a thick cushion and maybe pillows. The wood appliques are not a problem when we sit, we don't actually lean back against them. 

Still in Progress with Organizing my Studio Space Does it ever get Organized? Nah...
It's always a Work in Progress.
But Change is always Refreshing.

I've used the old farm table in the studio for art and we have used it as a dining table before. It's huge so you have to have the right room for this massive set of benches and table. It's Beautiful, and my favorite piece of furniture I have ever owned. 

HOME is where your Stuff is
and where We spend our time creating and rejuvenating junk into functional pieces.

Thanks Honey

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


You Don't Need Wings to Fly
But it doesn't hurt to keep them 
       CLOSE BY susan wymola

susan wymola original

This ain't no ordinary Hoe. It's a Junk Angel on what's left of a garden hoe.
Hang it in your Herb Garden or anywhere.
Buy it for 45.00 plus shipping
Let this 'junk angel' protect your garden

'Garden Angel'
susan wymola original

This Old Rusty Shovel is adorned with hand painted Wings. This is an original design by me, Susan Downey Wymola.
The wood handle is broken off at an angle that would make it easy to poke into the soil in your garden.
Buy this Garden Angel shovel

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47.00 plus shipping.

'Iridescently Angel Wings' 
vintage cabinet doors
susan wymola originals

Purchase this unique pair of Angel Wings
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125.00 plus shipping cost.

Let Your Wings Carry the Load
                                         susan wymola

This pair of vintage cabinet doors was waiting for the right idea and design to come along. I usually paint chicken wings but these wings are more spiritual and eclectic. 

This is an original design by me,
Susan Downey Wymola.
I love to apply a textured background to my surfaces. I antiqued the piece with my own recipe for antiquing and this one is a golden asphalt glaze. Then I used an indigo glaze
over the wings and embellished the raised part of the wings with iridescent pearl.   

Angel Wings guard us in their
Elegant Embrace
              susan wymola

Hang this pair of Wings over the head
of your bed, or as a window covering
by attaching to the window frame with the existing hinges still in tact.
Or each side of a window would be great too.

'Your Heart Will Give your Life Wings'

'Little Wings'

These small wood signs are about
5 x 7 inches.
They have a wire hanger on back.

These are original designs by me,
Susan Downey Wymola

I developed a recipe and technique
for my own texture paste that has proven to work well for me. I apply the wings
in 3-D. I then paint and antique the design.
I then apply an iridescent pearl paint
to the raised part of the wings.

You are Important
even if your wings are a little crooked
                                                    susan wymola

Find them all at
17.00 each plus shipping. 

No Matter how you feel today, Put on your Wings and carry on with your day
                                                  susan wymola

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hello again Fall. I've Missed You. "Storytime"

Once Upon a Time
On a Farm in Tennessee, which was
adorned with Beautiful Sassafras trees
and Wildlife, there lived a Young Family.
The family name was "Story".
The Farm needed a name and some Art.

The family decided upon
"Storytime Farm"

Mrs. Story sent me photos of Sassafras
trees and Deer that she liked and
she challenged me to do this very large sign.

Here is what I painted for them:

To create the Very Large painting,
we purchased 4-12"x48" Pine Panels 
from Lowes.. I love these wood products for art. They are so nice, clean, and a beautiful surface for art.  I painted a see through look on the wood so you can still see the grain somewhat. I let the edges stay natural.

We {my husband }cut some wood strips
and screwed them to the back of the 
wood panels, and attached a heavy picture
wire for hanging, so I could hang it on the wall and start painting. 

When the painting was finished, I numbered
the boards on the back and wrote top and bottom on the wood, because we shipped them unassembled. I think it's an excellent way to do large paintings and keep it cost effective for shipping expenses.
We shipped in 4 separate packages.

Here you can see the wire we left
attached to the top board.

The large painting was to go inside the home.
They also requested a smaller sign with only the tree and the farm name to hang 
from a post coming up the driveway.
This is the matching smaller sign
that was a 18" x 24" pine panel.

Small sign.

As you can see in the photo below,
Young Master Story approves of the art,
and his Mom said it will be displayed 
in His room.  So Sweet...

This piece will hopefully be a family heirloom for Master Story to have in his home and pass down to his children. Being that it is wood, that means it's strong and it will last forever and no worry about tearing, like a canvas. 

And for Me, the moment of Truth was
when the customer received the Art and
was pleased with it.
It was a challenge for me, as anyone who knows me, knows that I paint mostly chickensfor some reason....but I am happy that my art was well received at 
"Storytime Farm"

Please visit my etsy store for Made to Order signs and paintings. You can send me a convo and request your custom art. 

And for my original Art that is Ready to Ship
please visit

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Goodbye July, Hello August 2014

I am always Delighted to
create custom signs for Coops.
You can order a coop sign too

I am so happy to see my sign on the Coop.

More Coop Signs
Hang on the Coop or Decorate your Home.

Outhouse on Wood.
I painted this one from memory of our property
in Wheelock, Texas. All we have is photos and memories of the beautiful place. 

My booth wall at 

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               Susan Wymola

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Friday, June 27, 2014

Watermelon Season

I LOVE Watermelons.
To Eat. To Paint.
So much Color and FUN!

Thanks for Stopping By...Susan Wymola

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Eclectic Chickens by Susan Wymola

Eclectic Chickens
Lots of COLOR
by Susan Wymola

Then I Turned UP the VOLUME!!!


I Painted my iPad cover case

   So, My ipad cover case is very handy and I loved the lime green cover versus black, and it has a white keypad so It's great even at night when I'm sitting propped up in bed playing on the internet, however it got a bit dirty and I wasn't sure if paint would stick but OH YES it does just fine.  
  Now it's all spiffy and I loved painting on  the texture. I used acrylics and sealed it with Golden Gloss medium.  
  I LOVE IT. What do you think?

Friday, June 6, 2014

Original Art on by Susan Wymola

It's about time I showed some new ART here.
Below are some photos of new Art and where you can view or purchase them.

This is a 12 x 12 Canvas. I totally had fun doing this fun and different canvas.
See or Buy it here

This one is painted on Wood. See the New Listing on my etsy store.  Purchase here

Next are some Sweet little pieces I call
Mini Desk Art. We attach easels to the back so they are ready to display.
Fun little Sweet pieces of Artwork that
will look great on any desk, nightstand, they don't take up much space.

store to see the listings.

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