Monday, October 13, 2014

RE-Purposed Bed Frame and Farm Table into Dining Booth

Farm Table Dining Booth

I've been thinking about this for a year.
We salvaged the bed frame but the rails got damaged. There was no way to replace the unique rails. 
I was ok with not having it as a bed anymore
because I could picture a booth dining area
if we made benches with the headboard and footboard. 

I knew my husband would figure it out..I just said, Honey, build a box and put legs on the front. It doesn't have to be perfect. It's all getting white paint and then cushions.

I Love the ornate wood appliques. 

So my dear husband, Mr. Handyman made it happen. The table was made by his Dad a long time ago and it was used outside. We live in a small apartment which connects to a huge garage like room but we made it into another living area for Kitchen and my Studio/Workshop combination. I am practicing for when I actually get my dream barndominium. I want a barndominium because I like big open spaces for creative decorating.

{Never Give Up on your Dreams }

Mr. Handyman put old beadboard wood on top to complete the rejuvenation. 


There will be a thick cushion and maybe pillows. The wood appliques are not a problem when we sit, we don't actually lean back against them. 

Still in Progress with Organizing my Studio Space Does it ever get Organized? Nah...
It's always a Work in Progress.
But Change is always Refreshing.

I've used the old farm table in the studio for art and we have used it as a dining table before. It's huge so you have to have the right room for this massive set of benches and table. It's Beautiful, and my favorite piece of furniture I have ever owned. 

HOME is where your Stuff is
and where We spend our time creating and rejuvenating junk into functional pieces.

Thanks Honey

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