Monday, January 24, 2011

Looking for Spring

Spring is not that far away.
I found these candle holders on a steel rod
but the holders were wood and rotten. So, we glued some glass pieces onto the rods,
and screwed some little old alumninum coffee pots onto a few. Now we can add t-lights
for a nice effect at night to make
my herb garden glow.
I poked holes in the bottom of the
aluminum pots so they could drain
after rain.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Ostrich Boots for Him $5.00, Hat for ME $1.00
Skilsaw $20, Folk Art Felting Book $2
Stamping book $3.00, Kitchen Plus Food chopper $2.00
Check out this hat, it has a 7" brim.
Great for those sunny days mowing the yard.

Longhorns hat $1.00, 
Industrial Work Knee Pads $1.00
knife, scraper, pruning scissors, putty knife $2.00 total


We have one of these but just the 
plain jane chopper.
This one includes all the other gadgets.
I like to make pico de gallo with mine.
And it's great for chopping stuff in a jiffy.

 Bargain of the day, Organizer for my paints
.75 cents!!!!!!

I love Bargains, don't you?

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Howdy Ya'll. Have you seen the new feature on blogger..'PAGES'? 
I Have taken advantage of this new feature
and now have a page for all my stuff, and not have other blogs to keep the pages of my musings separate.

First of all, I have a page for my designs in the form of 
e-packet painting patterns. I still have them on my
but the price is better right here on my
blog page, because I have no fees to pay for listings.
All patterns are $5.00.

Click on the tabs at the top of my blog to go to
my other pages.

I am in the process of adding paypal buttons, but I have most
of the pictures of my designs on the new page

You can post a comment here on this blog if you
see patterns you want that don't have a paypal button
yet. Or you may email me at
to request any patterns you want.

Let's get to painting again! I've got cabin fever!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


We started off our first day of the new year frolicking
around visiting shops..first stop..Carmine,Tx.
There is this wonderful place called  

You have to stop and see this shop!
They have the Coolest junk and junk art and fine art you'll ever see.

This was actually on New Years Eve day..we 
ended our New Year doing what we love..junking
We had lunch at J.W.'s Steak House
in Carmine,Tx.

Next town-Giddings.. 
We stopped by this great antique
shop called 'The Whistle Stop'..
  I Love their new location! It's 10 times
better than the old one. 
My favorite Antique Mall now.
They sell the neatest cold drinks like 
Black Cherry soda
and Orange Cream soda..and they have 
and they are Super Friendly.

Day Two
We had no idea where to go but we had so much fun on New Year's Eve, we had to go again on Saturday.

We headed out for one of our favorite Towns..

We stumbled upon this shop  

I REALLY should keep this a secret, 
but NO..I have
to go blabbing all my excitment to everyone and their dog, because I love their dogs too.

The owner of this little antique/junk shop is delightful!
She let me snap a few pics:

Good Junk, Good Antiques, The pictures tell it all. 
I was in Junk Hog Heaven!  
I can't wait to take my junk art friends
to this shop! I bought a neat old double
washtub on a stand and it has a metal top..perfect for a Kitchen Island or
to make a sink in my art room, laundry room..whatever.
In my Dream Barndominium..
It Could Happen sooner than you know..

And I found the long long long table 
I have been searching for..
I spotted the legs, then saw
the's over 11 feet. This will
some day serve my family for those Christmas
dinners I can't wait to decorate up for them.

And Last stop..Orsak's Restaurant in Downtown
Fayetteville... OH MY..they make homemade
Onion Rings!

what's left of the Onion Rings... YUM!

 OH I have to mention this other place we can't wait
to go back when they are open...

but I did find a website to check it out

It's on Hwy. 71 between Ellinger,Tx. and Columbus, Tx.
What an exciting adventure...