Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sweet stuff for Sweethearts on Valentines Day

Got Something Sweet to give to Someone
Special for Valentines day?

I think Roses painted on Vintage wares
are Wonderful. All the photos below are 
paintings or projects done by me,
Susan Downey Wymola.

I Love Painting on Windows, and this one
is just a small frame.

Here's another favorite unique Window.

Next is a Swap I did. Hand painted
Card, Ribbon Roses I made, A book marker
I painted roses on which is a dotted swiss ribbon, and tied at the bottom is a glass prism with a dragonfly painted on it. 
Painted on glass goblets make
a great candy dish. 
And then the candy bar wrapper is painted
on a silk scrap.

A large Valentines display!

A local gift store displayed my candy bars with designer wrappers at
Valentines Day!

I think Candy Bar Wrappers on Hershey Bars are a Wonderful  Gift Idea, Especially for
a large group like students or teachers
or co-workers. Who would not Love a
designer gift wrapped candy bar?

More designer wrappers.
I ran sheet music through
my printer and added text messages
and the heart was my art cropped into a heart.
The little rose was hand painted onto sheet music.
The black doodles were just
to add embellishments.
You could always add 
Glitter paint too.

To make your own candy bar wrappers, remove the paper wrapper from a candy bar,
then use it for a pattern.
That would be Sweet of You.
Get my free painting pattern for
painting roses

Get More Free Painting Patterns by Susan Downey Wymola

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

'Hiding from the Roo'

My Latest Painting completed and listed
'Hiding from the Roo'.

 He looks so funny out there doesn't he, 
that Ol' Roo.

Acrylics on a Wood Door Panel.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

To Start off the New Year,
I finished this project on a Vintage Window.

I love personalizing gifts for
Anniversaries and Weddings.

This is a sample I did for family
which I have also listed on my

Custom Orders Only, and Only for Pickup at my Studio

I have lots of new ideas to share with you.

Happy New Year!