Monday, January 13, 2014


Once in a while you run across kindred spirits and they lead you to good things.

I have been searching for a retail shop in a location not too far from my home, that I could rent a space in and display and sell my Art and Goods. The Search is OVER!

Highway 21 between  Caldwell and Bryan, Texas
If you are traveling in Texas, please detour this way to visit! Find them on 
facebook - Splinter's

This is the beginning of my Booth set up.  
Me and David are as happy as two
Hogs Playing in Mud!
It feels like we Moved after unloading 
stuff to haul over to Splinters.

Now, Meet the Stars of the Show:
Devil is the Bloodhound...He's resting after a long day of Shop greeting.

And here is Blue with Devil.
Blue has a nickname..'Tripod'. Blue is a survivor of a coyote attack a few months ago.
He has one hind leg missing. But His Spirit
is Not tarnished!  He is the sweetest most Loving Dog, and Blue and Devil are so much
fun to visit with and they Love People,
so Do Not be Afraid when you see them greeting you at the car!

So How did I find this place????

I was visiting some local shops and resale shops in downtown Bryan, Texas. I was lucky enough to stumble upon a nice lady (Katie) who looked very zoned into her treasure hunting with a Passion that I recognized.  

Thank God I am not shy and neither is Katie. I asked her if she had a shop or knew of a shop I could rent a space in for selling my art and junk and what not. 25 minutes later, we arrived at the shop- "Splinter's" Wood Creations and Furniture and Gifts and Now MY ART and Creative junk!  When it's Right and you know it, Why Wait!

I have some good Vibes about this shop, it's New and it's getting lots of people visiting.

I hope you will stop by if ever you are in the Vicinity of Splinter's!

Thursday, January 9, 2014


from Cackleblossums Art Signs
Send an email to
with Your shop info to verify you have a
Brick and Mortar Store
and a Tax Id #
and I will give send you the catalog in a 
pdf file so you can print it
out which is better when you are selecting.

The Signs are a good selling product in retail shops. I have been painting signs for years and I have sold to shops for years also and SIGNS ALWAYS SELL!

See all the Signs available at the

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Make Your Own Art Calendars & Photo Journals, DIY!

I created my own Art Calendar and 
Calendar Art Journal with my 
Art Prints. You can too.

I found spiral notebooks, journals, calendar journals, etc. At different $Stores...

I made calendar pages from templates online, (donna young templates) and printed them out on cardstock. Cardstock is strong and you can write and doodle on the pages.

I used a craft paper glue stick (elmers with the disappearing purple color) to adhere the art pages and the blank calendar pages to the notebook pages. I left several pages of the
notebook pages between the Months for writing in daily stuff.

This is how all the pages look:

I used colored cardstock behind some of the images to make the page stronger and to add more color.

You could make a nice Calendar book without so many pages of art or prints. Make it to Your own likes.  

I printed out different sizes of my art for little stick ons on the pages.

Below is my Calendar Journal. It was quick and easy! I found the blank jourals with the calendar pages inside, all I have to do is write in the Day and Year.  

My Mother kept a daily journal in spiral notebooks. I have several of her notebooks. They were not fancy. She wrote something every day, like: 

'Rained 2 inches', 'Bobby Lynn's birthday today, I baked a cake', 'Bubba got a haircut today and was embarrassed so he hid in the back bedroom'...then sadder notes like 'Susan took us to the Hospital today for my treatment'.

Sad memories but I feel closer to my Mom when I read the notes she wrote way back then.  

In Our middle age years, we forget stuff so easy because we have so much to think about, so having a book to jot down important things we want to remember, is good.

I used word doc on my computer to print out the names of the Month and all the words I wanted to add to my calendar.  I used the glue stick to adhere them to the Calendar Journal.

I sell my art prints if you would like to purchase any of my art to use for Calendars or to print to mount on wood like the picture 
Original Art Available too.

To mount a print you purchase on Wood like below:  Choose the wood, basecoat the wood with your choice color.  When dry, use Golden Gel medium which is used for Collages. 
The gel comes in matte or 
semi-gloss.  It acts as the glue and the sealer, and is very professional looking. 

The collage gel used for collages will not wash out of a brush if you leave it to dry, so that tells me it's tough and will protect your art! Make sure you clean the brushes!

How the collage process works:

More about gel mediums:

You could make a Family Photo journal instead of Art, which I am working on next...

Hope you all have a Great Start to the New Year 2014!

Thursday, January 2, 2014


 Hmm...What did I do last year?  
Let me Reflect...

Check out what is still available on my etsy store
Susan Wymola Art

You can find my Art Signs Made to Order
and Funky Chicken Signs

And if you visit Key West, Florida
Please stop by the Funky Chicken Store

As I Produce, my Studio looks like this

My Chickens got to go to Key West, while I am here in
Texas where it's COLD right now..they are Warm
and running around Key West, Florida
or waiting to be purchased!

Thank You Funky Chicken Store
It's been a Good Year!

Thanks for visiting my Blog!  

Susan Wymola