Saturday, January 15, 2011


Ostrich Boots for Him $5.00, Hat for ME $1.00
Skilsaw $20, Folk Art Felting Book $2
Stamping book $3.00, Kitchen Plus Food chopper $2.00
Check out this hat, it has a 7" brim.
Great for those sunny days mowing the yard.

Longhorns hat $1.00, 
Industrial Work Knee Pads $1.00
knife, scraper, pruning scissors, putty knife $2.00 total


We have one of these but just the 
plain jane chopper.
This one includes all the other gadgets.
I like to make pico de gallo with mine.
And it's great for chopping stuff in a jiffy.

 Bargain of the day, Organizer for my paints
.75 cents!!!!!!

I love Bargains, don't you?


Artist Linda Drake and Lunar Designs said...

wow. you did great.. esp with the container/drawers. Now I want to go to yard sales, but unfortunately they don't start till may/june up here. sniff.

Selling Some Cool Stuff! said...

Love your junk finds...except they really aren't junk! Cool stuff...great prices. Nothing more fun than getting a deal! I am gathering up some stuff for you too! When I have the collection, I will send it out! You will do lovely things with it, and for's sitting in the drawer.
Love to you...Cindy Noodles.