Friday, May 7, 2010

New Blog update and What's going on with 'ning'

Well, just another reason to make some changes. I have decided to
shut down my creative network site on ning- junkartqueens.ning
They announced that in July they would phase out free ning sites.
I have not had time to really update with new videos or groups or
classes to keep people motivated, so this was a push for me to make
a change.
I loved building the site and trying to keep it looking neat, but
I spent too much time doing that. I have been told by some members
that they found ning sites hard to navigate. So I am keeping it simple.

The videos are still on my host site at To view the free
art videos you can click here
To continue to view the art videos that were paid for, you can email me to get
the link to the video file on blip, and you'll get a password.

The videos on blip are nice to view, bigger screen, and no problem clicking
to full screen. You can subscribe to my blip site, or to this blog site as well.

Here's to spending time being more creative and sharing with everyone!
Less sites to maintain.

I have lots of ideas to share and now more time to do them. Whether it's a
junk to jewel, trash to treasure, mixed media, watercolors, folk art,
impressionist art, pencil sketching, paper art, scrapper art, junk art
makeovers, yard sale recycles, the sky is the limit.

Susan Wymola


Lynn @ Painting Thyme Needfuls said...

Looking forward to staying in touch Susan!

Tumaini Rivera said...

Don't you just hate it when you get used to one thing, then it changes. I've never been on NING but I think you've found a save haven on Blogspot.

I look forward to your posts.
Feel free to check out all the AMAZING things artists are REcreating on my blog at

Tumaini Rivera

Mom and Artist