Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Beautiful White Trash (Treasures)

Remember the pics of the old Singer Sewing cabinet I scored at
a yard sale a few weeks ago.. Well, here are the pics again and
then go down and see pics of how I upcycled it to fit my decor:

It was painted a dark reddish brown anyway. If not,I would maybe not have
white trashed it up. I don't strip unless I have to..I used to strip...ha
I worked at a antique furniture finishing store called 'The Magic Stripper'
in Navasota, Texas a long long time ago..That was when I was young and
stoopid.. and thought I'd love learning how to do this stuff. It was the
hardest work I ever did. I did learn a lot though!


Lori said...

Good job, Suzie! I like the new look!

Marilynart said...

Love what you did with the Singer Sewing Machine. It truly is a BEAUTIFUL White-Trash TREASURE now. Wish I could find a deal like that.

Lady Katherine said...

Looks wonderful! What a great idea! I want to paint my table, like the black one you did. Can I buy a packet?

Susan Wymola said...

Katherine, you can see all my packets
for sale on my etsy: