Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Etsy Vintage Store 'BLESS MY BISCUITS' now open

I love Old stuff, and I have collected it for a while now.
Even when I was in my teens, I would go up into my Mamaw Hettie's Attic
and dig around and claim stuff that I figured nobody else wanted. I got old irons,
dishes, bottles, etc... My Mother didn't have any desire for that old stuff.
I have a photo of my dream home, actually a few photos of different rooms
and ideas, and I look at that for inspiration for WHY I should unload
and destash some of the stuff I've been hanging on to for years.
They are just things,and I have so much I don't have space to view them.
I think if you have things, they should be displayed out in the open,
where you can enjoy them. And remember, my Motto is:
:If You Love it, then You should Have it".
Don't wait til someone else has purchased it and it's Gone!
These items are unique one of a kind treasures!
I'm listing more dishes, and vintage goods on my new vintage etsy, so
check it out and come back often!

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Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Good luck with your new store Susan! I LOVE the name you chose! So adorable!