Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Getting Back to Nature- Turkey Tutorial

Hi, My Name is Tolbert!

This a fun project for Thanksgiving using Natural elements.
It could be made into a Pin or a little wall hanging.

Gather some Acorns and some Oak Leaves.
It's best if the leaves are still green, and not brittle.

You'll need some glue. I like this Quick Grip works
as fast as Hot Glue, except without the burns!
It gets built up on your fingers but nail polish remover on a
cotton ball cleans it right up.

Next step is to paint the leaves and the acorn white with acrylic craft paints.
The paint helps to preserve the leaves so they won't become brittle.

After painting the acorn to resemble a turkey face, I glued on a bit
of red rickrack on the top of the turkey's head. I used red paint
to cover the glue that showed.
On the tail feathers I used metallic blue and green,
and brown, burnt sienna and orange.
I love the way the leaves look like wispy feathers.

I glued the leaves together in layers with the largest one in the
back, and smaller ones in front.

I trimmed the stems at the bottom after I glued the leaves together.

I cut the beak from some cardstock paper and painted it orange
and glued it on the face. I painted the eyes with a tiny brush.
The legs are some cocktail toothpicks I found at the dollar store.
They are two pronged..those are Turkey Toes!
Little twigs would work great too!
I glued on some black embroidery thread for
my Turkeys know they have a beard don't cha' ?
Well, I guess the boy turkeys do.
You could use those little moving eyes if you want.
I just made little black dots, then little yellow dots,
and another tiny black dot.

I brushed on a coat of satin water based varnish on the whole thing,
front and back.
I glued a pin on the back, it's now Gobble Gobble Jewelry!

I shot a real live Wild Turkey a long time ago. I remember it having a
very long beard..long skinny stringy beard.

I did this project in about one hour.
I had been gathering leaves and acorns because I have
more ideas to do with the Acorns..

I needed to do a pin for a Swap ASAP, so I had to
get something done SOON. I was so excited when
I was putting it together. You know there's always that chance
that it looks Stoopid and it's all a waste of time.
I am tickled how it came out!

My next idea is a Family Tree of Nuts.
The little acorns will make cute people with toboggans hats on!

Or what about Snowmen?
The ideas are endless!

Gobble Gobble Gobble!!!!

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Lori said...

Cool turkey! That is so creative, Suzie! I love how you made it with things from nature. Very nice!