Friday, December 4, 2009

How I Recycle Old Paint bottles and Baby Socks!

I was painting a baby sock as a Santa, and I needed to position it somewhere so I could paint all the way around it..the 2 oz bottles of acrylic paints are perfect!
You could leave them on the bottle and display, or take it off the bottle, it stands alone anyway. I am thrilled with the Socks as Santas..way cute..I think they would make great ornaments for Santa Collectors!


Sharon said...

Hi Suzie,

Your creativity knows no bounds! Only you would think to paint in baby socks and what a treasure you have created! I love your Santa Socks and they are fabulous on those old bottles! What a great idea!

Hugs from Sharon

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

So cute and extremely clever! Love this!

Barbara Jean said...

very sweet!!


barbara jean

Susan Wymola said...

Sharon and Darla, I just found these comments hidden with 49 other obscene hacker messages I had to allow or reject..some were even messages people left in April 09...have ya'll ever had this happen?

Robyn Warne Designs said...

Susan, I love the socks! They are a great recycling idea. I agree that they'd make cute ornaments or mantle sitters.