Thursday, May 12, 2011


I love Vintage everything. I seem 
to collect dishes, bottles,
silverplated pieces
vintage silverware glass,brass or 
wood candle holders.

I have seen where people glue dishes 
and candle holders as pedestals
to make a 3 tier candy dish or 
display piece for things.

I gathered my favorite things and glued 
them together and made these three display 
pieces. I love the way they turned out.
  The use of pedestal glassware, 
old china and candle stick holders,
(brass, wood, or glass)
an old lamp base, and a metal salt shaker without a lid
makes these all unique.
My favorite one is the lamp base with
the glass pieces between and a metal
piece, and I love leaving the top
piece as a flower bud vase. 

If you leave the top plate bare,
it's a Cake Stand.
So many ways to create with 
vintage pieces.

I love to see these around the house. 
I think they would be good to use as a 
jewelry holder and display.
Or have a tea party and serve little
petit fours, cookies
and sandwiches, or cupcakes.

It's a good way to make use of your Grandmother's old china and knick knacks.
Here is the glue I used. I got
it at Walmart.
There are many Goop brand glues
for different things. This is really
tacky and sticks instantly, but
takes 24 hours or longer to completely
dry and be strong.
VENTILATE wherever you use this glue.
Or any glue for that matter.

Have fun with your gluing projects,
and go make something Pretty Now!


Anonymous said...

Great idea!My best friend is getting married.This would be a so cute and classic for her vintage Holloywood theme day.Happy crafting friend :)

Susan Wymola said...

Yes, the vintage dishes stacked up could be used for serving cake or other food. Hope the wedding goes good.