Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Country Flea Market Biz Endeavor

We had our first weekend sale at our New
Country Flea Market
in Hearne,Texas

We have been looking for a place to rent a space from a Co-op or Antique/Craft mall type place.

We found the perfect place in a little town on a busy busy road between Calvert,Tx, and Bryan,Tx.

We had our first sale this past weekend,and we
are Gung Ho to get back next weekend.

See more pics in my Picasa Web Album:

We can't wait to haul more stuff over and Sweat off the
pounds under the big metal covered building! It's
really not too bad as long as you have shade 
and a breeze.


Lori @ said...

So excited you found a place to sell! BEST OF LUCK and be sure to keep us posted!

The Painted Garden said...

Hi Susan
Oh my goodness - what a fun blog to visit. I love your art - charming and delightful.

Susan Wymola said...

Thank You Lori and Erin!