Wednesday, May 11, 2011

BUG OFF! Painted Bug Sprayer

When I was a kid in New Mexico, my Mother would use a pump sprayer toward the ceiling to keep the skeeters away, while we hid under the covers. Mosquitos were fierce because we had a water cooler, 
not A.C.
I thought about those days as a kid when I painted this old bug sprayer as it got
new life as Art
with a whimsical loosey goosey style.

In Bedias,Texas, where I later grew up, 
we had these little red bugs called
Chiggers will get in your underwear
elastic and hide til they are ready
to chomp on you. They itch like crazy!
My Grandmother's remedy was to eat
a spoonful of sugar with a drop of 
eucalyptus oil in it..YUK!
I'd rather itch! 
Spray Me with Bug Spray instead!

I love this colorful style of
painting. Let me go see what else I
can paint some fun whimsical designs on.
see ya later...
Suzie Cackleblossums

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grannyma5 said...

Love, love the sprayer!You are soooooo talented!