Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SPRING Fever and Sales!

Last weekend I had a Sale at my place.
It was a beautiful weekend and I had a blast
meeting new friends.
I want to do it again soon and have more
Art and Painted wares.

I still have some nice inventory to add to
the next sale.

I love my little faux porch to decorate and 
display around, plus there are some shade
trees back there. The tent helps but the trees
are better.  I guess it's a real porch, but it's not
attached to anything. I think we might build a
shed off the back of it for future sales.
I sold all those screens you see.

I love having outdoor sales like this when
the weather is good. 

 The table above is an old table we rescued
after a storm damaged it. The pedestal base
got broken.  My dear Roo (dear rooster husband)
crafted a base from old doors
(we have enough old doors to have a Door Store)
and then it got another coat of whitish paint-
I used Behr Flat Enamel.  Then I decided
to embellish the top with some designs from 
clear acrylic stamps..I love those! I didn't 
want anything busy so it's just a hint of
a darker color than the base color.
I used Minwax Paste wax to polish it up.
It looks great.
I am a Table a-holic, NO, a Junk-a-holic!
I have a big ol Pole barn and there are lots of
treasures waiting for their day to be transformed.

 The blue dishes look so pretty on the table.
Just in time for an Easter Dinner Gathering.

 Maybe we will have an outdoor Easter
dinner party this weekend.
Or if You come buy this table, You
can have your own dinner party,
Table, Dishes and all.

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Lori @ said...

LOVE you sale stuff. Hope you get great weather to do it again this weekend. =)