Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hello again Fall. I've Missed You. "Storytime"

Once Upon a Time
On a Farm in Tennessee, which was
adorned with Beautiful Sassafras trees
and Wildlife, there lived a Young Family.
The family name was "Story".
The Farm needed a name and some Art.

The family decided upon
"Storytime Farm"

Mrs. Story sent me photos of Sassafras
trees and Deer that she liked and
she challenged me to do this very large sign.

Here is what I painted for them:

To create the Very Large painting,
we purchased 4-12"x48" Pine Panels 
from Lowes.. I love these wood products for art. They are so nice, clean, and a beautiful surface for art.  I painted a see through look on the wood so you can still see the grain somewhat. I let the edges stay natural.

We {my husband }cut some wood strips
and screwed them to the back of the 
wood panels, and attached a heavy picture
wire for hanging, so I could hang it on the wall and start painting. 

When the painting was finished, I numbered
the boards on the back and wrote top and bottom on the wood, because we shipped them unassembled. I think it's an excellent way to do large paintings and keep it cost effective for shipping expenses.
We shipped in 4 separate packages.

Here you can see the wire we left
attached to the top board.

The large painting was to go inside the home.
They also requested a smaller sign with only the tree and the farm name to hang 
from a post coming up the driveway.
This is the matching smaller sign
that was a 18" x 24" pine panel.

Small sign.

As you can see in the photo below,
Young Master Story approves of the art,
and his Mom said it will be displayed 
in His room.  So Sweet...

This piece will hopefully be a family heirloom for Master Story to have in his home and pass down to his children. Being that it is wood, that means it's strong and it will last forever and no worry about tearing, like a canvas. 

And for Me, the moment of Truth was
when the customer received the Art and
was pleased with it.
It was a challenge for me, as anyone who knows me, knows that I paint mostly chickensfor some reason....but I am happy that my art was well received at 
"Storytime Farm"

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