Monday, July 22, 2013


Use Painters Drop cloth canvas to paint
a Huge painting or portable Mural.
It's 4 feet by 5 feet.

You can find these drop cloth canvases at
Walmart or Home Depot, etc.

Here is how I did this one:

First you have to wash and dry the fabric. It's best to cut the size you want first
then wash them and dry them. 

Hang them up somewhere or drape them over something to keep them from creasing.
You may have to iron some of the wrinkles 
out but for the most part, this fabric 
washes and dries pretty much wrinkle free.

TIP: Do Not paint a wrinkle, 
it will be that way forever.

I have a large workshop so I use a 
wall to hang them up from clip rings 
until I am ready to work on them, 
and also as I am painting one.

Step One is to coat the entire canvas 
with Faux glaze. This helps the paints 
to go on much better, as the fabric 
is very THIRSTY.
Next, I basecoated with latex flat 
white paint.

When it's dry, the next step is to 
draw the design you are wanting to paint. 
I used chalk to sketch so it can be 
easily covered up with paint.

I am using acrylic paints.

If you don't have a free wall to tack 
up the drop cloth so you can paint it, 
use a large
sheet of plywood as your wall.

When the painting is finished, 
You can glue the edges under or sew them
if you are a seamstress. 

After the paint has dried, put a coat of 
Faux Glaze over it, and it's all done!

I don't know how many folks would have a 
wall space to hang a 4' x 5' canvas, but
I would find a spot if I wanted it.
You could also hang this to cover a window
as a curtain. You could paint a faux bed
frame headboard and hang on the wall behind the bed, wouldn't that be great!

I will have this one up for sale on Etsy 
when it's finished.
The best part is that it can be folded
into a square for shipping!
The customer buy their own
clip rings or curtain rod 'n' brackets
or decide how to display the art.
I listed this Wall Hanging Mural Flag

Here's a Landscape with a tree.
I will finish it when I figure out 
what I want to do next.
Maybe an RV camper set up,
maybe a family tree with
a clothesline banner for photos...
'The Sky is the Limit'!


Gayle Croissant said...

Thank you - I am looking at alternatives for a 8 x 12 mural. If I could paint at my home and install on site - that would make it an easier job. Thank you for the coating tips as well as the reminder to get the wrinkles out.

Gayle Croissant said...

Thank you. I was looking for tips on painting on drop cloth. To make sure it is wrinkle free and well-coated are good tips.

Anonymous said...

We have a religon teacher who uses drop cloths this way, I love your family tree idea i have been working on one for our family in my head for a year today i found your are work its lovely NTW i love LOVE your chickens
thank you amie P