Saturday, July 14, 2012


My sign painting started in 1990. 
Here is one reason I painted signs back then:

My little boy, Jacob, age 1, who is now 22. 
We lived in Roans Prairie, Texas.

As a Single Mom,I had to support my toddler son and my daughter who was attending A&M (although she was independent and supported herself) so this was my inspiration. 


Jen was playing with little brother on the side porch at our house in Roans Prairie, Tx.

This is a face that is saying..You just wait, I'm going to bring Love and all kinds of Crazy into your world Mom!
I am Happy to say He is still bringing Love
and Crazy into my world!

So how it all started...
 I was short on money so I had to find a way to paint without spending money on the surface. I walked out behind our place and found some neat old wood that was perfectly weathered and FREE! 
I named my sign biz  'This Board's For You'.

It was a thrill for me to be able to paint and create inventory to sell and not have to worry about the surface costing much.
In 1990 we found the little town of Chappell Hill, Texas and fell in love with it, after meeting a nice lady who wanted to buy my signs to sell in her shop. We loved it so much we loaded up the Bronco and off we moved. I could
haul my wares to the shop in a little red wagon with Jacob walking along beside me.

Here we are downtown Chappell Hill, Tx. 

Here are the signs I created for advertising
what they had in their store. 

This started a business relationship with this shop owner that lasted about 18 years.
I also sold wholesale to many other shops and art show people. That was my bread and butter.
Below is a picture of my booth at San Antonio on the River Walk, around 1992. 

The wholesale business was better for me because it was not easy to go to big shows when I had a small child to care for.  
It was at this San Antonio show that I met a nice couple who were big time show people, and they needed extra inventory.
They kept me busy and I worked very hard.
It was great to be able to stay home with my boy while I worked.

I met my husband, David Wymola in 1993 and he swept me (and my son) off my feet and moved us to Franklin,Texas. 
Jacob started kindergarten there and we stayed there until he was in 6th grade.
Long story shortened..we moved back to Washington Co.,Brenham in 2003. Jacob went to Brenham High School and finished in 2007.
My biz name 'CackleBlossums' was born in
1994 while living in Franklin, Tx.

I quit selling wholesale when I left Chappell Hill. My art has carried me in different directions and so has my Husband, ha..but we find ourselves (he is Retired) and I thought I was too, but Now it seems like a New Fire has been Lit under me. I think there is a reason for everything that happens to us.

On May 10th, my son Jacob was in a motorcycle accident. It was a scarry thing to happen and as Mothers, we are always on alert and worry for our chicks don't we? No matter how old they get, they are always our babies.
GOD was Also on alert and was watching over my son and I Praise God for protecting Jacob and I know he will be OK.  
It was a horrible experience, broken pelvic bones, 3 weeks in a Surgical Hospital, 3 surgeries, he's in a wheelchair now and still in pain as he is healing, but 
he Will walk again! 
August 17 will be 3 months since the last surgery and he'll begin to get Physical Therapy Rehab to begin to walk again. He was also diagnosed in Nov. 2011 with Type 1 Diabetes. Lots of challenges for this 22 year old, but He is doing really well.

He can't work for a while so MOM and Dave to the Rescue! Also, I have to thank my family and lots of friends who have expressed their concerns and condolences through emails and sent cards and extras to us while we have been going through a rough time. We are so Blessed that so many People Love Us!

I find myself in need of making extra money to help support Jacob until he can support himself again. Hmm..what can I do to make money..that isn't as hard as cleaning houses?
Oh, I know...I'll paint Signs again and peddle to shops! OH YEAH!  

Here are a few pics of New signs I've been working on...

I first started doodling and painting on watercolor paper to play...

I call this CackleDoodling.........

I use stamps and bubble wrap for some added textures with my colorful designs. Of course I had to add some whimsical chickens and retro shapes. I'm a 52's Model so I love RETRO!

Now to add the sayings! I always snicker and giggle coming up with some of these lines.

Thanks for stopping by to see my latest endeavor..and I'll be under the pile if you wonder where I am. I hope sharing my Happy Signs will lift your spirits!

The pics here are just a few, wait til you see the whole line..
I am not stopping anytime soon.

I Thank God for new spirit HE has put under my tailfeathers and made me want to Paint again!




Jayray said...

Susan - I have enjoyed reading your story. Just goes to show that you never know what struggles someone has gone through or is going through. I have been following your son's progress on facebook and have been keeping him on my prayer list. I pray for a speedy recovery for your son and that you and your son have the strength to get through this. I wish you the best of luck in your new painting endeavors. I am rooting for both of you. Hugs JoAnne

Susan Wymola said...

JoAnne, Thank You for the nice comments. It has been a struggle, but we are so lucky and Thankful the way things have started to turn around for Jacob. Thank You for your Prayers. Hope you stop by again and always leave a comment Please! Thanks!

joyce said...

He is lucky to have a loving mother like you. May God bless you and always keep the both of you safe.