Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bird Nest Collage (New Art)

I was in a Swap project and it was for a 
Spring Nest/eggs...

So, I used a square 6x6 canvas.
I Painted it orange with acrylics.

I have a collection of old books and sheet music and stamps and old maps that I have been saving to use for Collage.

I layered the stripped paper and began 
gluing it down with Gel Medium.
  I wanted a 3-D bird and eggs so I used caulking in the tube that has the tip you
cut off. It takes about 24 hours to dry. 
Once you basecoat over the caulking, it is dry to the touch in minutes.  

This project was really fun and easy. 
I love painting on textured surfaces. 
Painting over the textured bird
was really fun and easy.

I sealed the whole canvas with the Gel Medium.

My Swap partner really liked it I think. 

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