Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Long Time I ain't been on here...

I have been missing from a decent internet
connection because of spending so much time away
from home because we are at the Flea Market
over at the Crossroads of Texas
on hwy. 6.

I didn't get to post this newest project I
did for a birthday gift. It was a plain jane
metal yard ornament that was rusty and didn't really
show up at all. Cousin Bessie just loved it as it
was but I dolled it all up and gave it to her for her birthday, and we named it 'Lil Bessie'.
This is the before:

This is the After:

Check out the mary jane shoes...
Bessie's middle name is Jane,
so these are Bessie Jane shoes...

I added a jar lid for the face.

'Lil Bessie Jane' is now on the porch
greeting all of Bessie's friends and family.
I am happy the way 'Lil Bessie' turned out.

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