Monday, April 4, 2011

Teeny Tiny Newborn Ladybugs!

We shared a picture of a cluster of ladybugs in
our living room last fall. We thought they were so 
cute. My husband, David, came in and told me he
was starting a ladybug was
a joke, but as it turns out..We have tons
of newborn ladybugs on our two acres.
Here is beginning of the cycle.

Then a few stages later, there are
tiny clusters of baby ladybugs

To show the actual size of these babies
I took one pic next to a buttercup
flower (evening primrose)

Then below check out the videos..Way cool!
This is my video from  my photobucket upload:

And then this one  below is from google video uploads.. experimenting.. Just click on the video clip and it will take you to my picasa web album video.

From Apr 4, 2011

We spent hours watching these babybugs in clusters
all over our property. They are Everywhere.
I wish I could capture them so they won't
grow up and leave us.

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