Wednesday, September 2, 2009

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'The Big Guy'
is available for sale in Brenham,Texas..
It's on Wood, and has a wood shadow frame.
It's approximately 3 ft. by 3.5.


Lynn said...

OMG it......I'm still partying.......hope I get to visit everyone by Friday!

Lady Katherine said...

I do love it, wish I had more wall room, hubby says the walls are covered! lol Now I still love the table and want so much to paint my grandchildrens table like yours. Did you see their table on my Rooster Post? I love the hens too. I need to order your package! Time is not, for me I got surgery on Oct. 21 and a long recovery coming. I love all your roosters!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Oh, I bet this guy is gorgeous in person! So big!! Good job Susan!!

Lady Katherine said...

OK no fair! You looked at my painted floor. I am not an artist, I wish!!!
I just kept drawing and painting until I liked it. When I built my hutch and armoire, I had friends begging me to get an artist to come and paint them. I could not find the artist I wanted, so I just went for it. My things are not professional but I proud of it. Well except when a true Artist like you sees it! When I joined your Artist site, I came in to comment. Then I saw where you have to show your art. I thought Oh, no I could never show these artist my painting. Now you sneaked over and saw! lol You sure could teach me a thing or two. I would love to order some things from you and maybe just study it, give me something to look forward to after surgery. I am sure you could paint a floor and it would be so beautiful!