I watched a documentary on Netflix called
  'What the Health'. 
Thanks to our daughter, Jennifer.
 It made me decide to try a Plant based diet. David was gung ho too, so on July 29, we went shopping for plant based foods and ditched all of our animal protein based foods.
Other documentaries that I found encouraging
is the 'Engine2 Diet' by Rip Esselstyn-
a Fire Fighter from Austin, Tx. 
And "PlantPure Nation" 
was very Educational and helped my decision

find these all on NETFLIX 
Plant Based Diet

I've considered going Vegan and we already eat pretty healthy, but never thought I'd take the total Vegan plunge!  
When Cancer knocks on your door, or your cholesterol and tryglicyerides are Up, and you're borderlining diabetes, or a family member already is Diabetic
or a member of your family struggles 
with High Blood Pressure, 
You make a choice.
So, No reason to wait, We went Cold turkey! 
I wish we had started when we
were younger.  

As you follow along, this post will update with new photos and food ideas
about our Vegan/Plant Based Diet Journey. 

I had been making veggie burgers trying to eat more healthy. I made veggie burgers
with quinoa, chia seed, flax seed, black beans, and diced fresh zuchinni from our garden. I used mexican spices. I made a batch and kept patties in the freezer.
When we want to make tacos, we just take out a couple and crumble in the skillet.

I fried fresh corn tortillas ( in grapeseed oil) and put them inside a flour tortilla. 
( I buy fat free or vegan now)
I'm still making the transition into
 the Vegan and Plant Based Diet. 

 We quickly discovered we can find vegan food at Restaurants. (Guacamole Tacos)

We have been pleasantly surprised
at the good choices of snacks we have found.

We love these frozen fruit bars
(not ready to give up sugar totally)
but it's less fattening than 
Blue Bell Ice Cream


There are many types of Noodles
that are plant based. 
You can find noodles made
from Quinoa, Chick Peas, Lentils, vegetables
and just Whole Wheat.
Noodles made with Lentils 
They're Good. Expensive though.

 To add to the noodles and sauce
I sauteed mushrooms and sweet peppers and pablano peppers.

We Buy our Sauce 
here I added black olives.

Toast some healthy whole grain nut bread
and spread roasted garlic on
as your butter.

I steam vegetables on the stove top.
I keep cooked potatoes in the fridge
for making tacos and adding to other meals.

I use a large stainless steel pot that came with a big strainer, but I use
a different collander that is more shallow so I can put water in the bottom and steam
the veggies.

When you prepare ahead, you can create healthy Bowls
of Veggies, hot and cold.
I Try to have something Green with 
Protein for Every meal.

I Cook Pinto Beans a lot.
Beans and all Legumes are a regular
Staple in my Pantry or refrigerator

Fresh Fruit is always on
our Shopping list and we eat Fruit
every day.

I made Pecan Sandies with no eggs.
I used applesauce.
I melted a square of Hershey's chocolate
with almonds on top of a cookie.

Panini Sandwiches are a Big Hit
Choose healthy bread

I sauteed mushrooms and peppers. I spread stone ground mustard on the bread
first, hummus, then mashed avacado.
Add mushrooms and peppers, cilantro
and other greens. 
Grill on the Panini pan!

Create your Own Panini with ingredients you like. Choose healthy whole grain 
or Vegan bread. 

While out shopping for Vegan groceries, 
we get hungry.
We found Buffalo Fried Cauliflower at Chili's! Y U M

Also at Chili's you can get Fiesta Bowls 
Just ask them to keep the chicken or beef.
It is full of goodness.  Black beans, corn, pico de gallo, brown rice, red onions and salad greens and tortilla chips.

I Beer Battered some fresh cauliflower and mushrooms and onions
OMG Y U M ! !

I deep fry in Grapeseed Oil

Cooked Corn Grits and with green chilies. 
Spread on Toast.

Until I learn to make Vegan puff pastry from scratch-Pepperidge Farm will do.
but it's greasy. Ate it anyway.
Add any kind of pie filling 
be creative.

Pizza on Flat Out Bread 
I'm still working on making
this tasty. I use olive oil sometimes,
and sometimes we use pasta sauce.

We keep frozen bananas, blueberries
and other frozen fruit in the freezer for smoothies. Also, frozen veggies, my homemade
veggie burgers and Daiya Vegan pizza.
We have not tried the Daiya pizza yet,
I'll get back to you with our reviews.
UPDATE 8.23.2017 Review on Daiya pizza:
Not buying it again. The texture was gooey.
We cooked both to try them out.
Homemade was better.

I fried big Portabellas and made Burgers with french fries.

Add your condiments-avacado, greens, onion, tomato, pickles, etc.

Or just eat your fried portabella
with other side dishes.

Mexican Rice with beer battered veggies. 

My Authentic Mexican Rice

PEEK into my Fridge.
Fresh veggies, fruit, etc.

Hatch Green Chili Stacked Enchiladas
A layered dish using fresh corn tortillas, grilled corn, black beans, cheezy chili gravy sauce, blistered hatch green chilies, and Vegan cheddar cheese made from Almond milk.
Add fresh tomatoes and cilantro to garnish.

I prepare the ingredients then layer them in a casserole dish to bake. 

 Pan grill the fresh corn (cut off the cobb) in a big iron skillet 
with a little Grapeseed oil.

After de-seeding and de-veining the hatch green chilies

Blister the chilies in a hot iron skillet.

 After chilies are blistered. Place in cold water and then you scrape the peeling off.
If you don't do this step, the peeling is tough. It's time consuming the flavor worth it all.

Cheezy sauce is raw cashew nuts, blitzed in the food processor, added garlic and nutritionl yeast and Cashew Milk. 

 The corn is all brown and carmelized..Y U M

After all the prep is done
everything is layered in a baking dish.

 Taco Hummus is Great
and full of protein! Toast some
healthy whole grain nut bread
and make breakfast, lunch or Supper!


You can add potatos, avacado, salsa...whatever you like

Something sweet.
Banana, Oatmeal and Walnut Cookies
 Also with peanutbutter

  Just Mix oatmeal with mashed bananas, 
add walnuts and any other nuts you want, and even peanut butter.
Drop by spoonfuls and bake for 12 minutes.


Potato Chick Pea Salad 
Cooked diced potatoes, one can of drained chick peas, chopped celery, pickles,  
stone ground mustard
hemp seed, flax seed
smoked paprika, chili lime seasoning
black pepper

Another Veggie/Pasta dish


Add Sauteed Mushrooms, sweet peppers and zuchinni and added Hemp seeds to Whole Wheat Noodles
add Sauce if desired.

I made Polenta from corn grits
and green chilies. Yummy with
my homemade salsa.
Good snack.

My authentic Homemade Salsa

I use one serrano pepper
after blistering in a small cast iron skillet
One large can of diced tomatoes
some chopped garlic
some chopped sweet onion
himalayan salt and fresh ground pepper
lime juice

 I keep a bag of serrano peppers
in the freezer.

 We eat salsa daily

 I attemped meatless meatloaf
with lentil beans.
Lentil Loaf
It looks better than it was.
Too dry, recipe called for flour.  Next time I will do mine different. I followed a recipe
online. I have some ideas of how to make this better.  All was not lost, I added more refried pinto beans and made some veggie burgers, to use as burgers or taco meat.


Add your favorite fillings and grill


We used avacado, mexican rice and vegan cheese.  You can use grilled peppers, onions, mushrooms, potatoes. 
The possiblities
are endless. 

Soft Tacos
anything pressed between a tortilla

 JUICING is Good
I started juicing veggies and fruits
back in May 2014.
I had some problems with blockage in the lower intestines and had sever pain and almost had surgery. Enough graphic details.
I decided to start eating healthier and juicing. I wish I had started my Vegan diet 
then, or even earlier in my life.

There are Many kinds of juicers on the market. I researched the internet and bought an Omega Vertical juicer.
It still works great after 3 years.
I did find another one (a Breville)
at a yard sale, barely used
I LOVE IT WAY MORE than the Omega Vert.

 We juice Kale and apples, Carrots,
Carrots and beets and apples. 
It's so good for our health.
I'd rather drink kale than eat it.

The question most asked about the 
Plant Based Diet:
How do we get our Protein

1. Hemp seeds
Yes it is true that hemp hearts (also known as hemp seeds) come from the same plant as marijuana, but not the same kind that grows the controversial green stuff. Hemp is a miracle worker of a whole other kind, and the seeds or ‘hearts’ from the hemp plant offer an excellent source of
non-animal protein.
They have a rich nutty flavor and they’re loaded with protein, fibre, iron, zinc and magnesium. Two tablespoons of hemp hearts contains 6 grams of protein or about as much protein as one large egg, and they’re a great addition to salads, smoothies, muffins, musli, oatmeal or other baked goods.

2.Nutritional Yeast
Years ago not many people would know what nutritional yeast even was let alone knowing that it makes a great vegan protein source. These days though, we’re seeing nutritional yeast used in many recipes and products as a cheesy vegan flavoring without dairy or animal products. Nutritional yeast is actually inactivated yeast that is grown on molasses then harvested, washed and dried with heat to deactivate it.
Nutritional yeast is a complete protein, meaning that in contains all nine amino acids and it’s also full of vitamin B12. Just 2 tablespoons contains a whopping 8-10 grams of protein depending on the brand. Cooking with nutritional yeast flakes or powder is an easy way to enhance the amount of protein in nearly any meal. If you’ve never used it before, here are some easy ways to incorporate it’s savoury flavour: sprinkle it on popcorn, add it to any pasta dish, stir it in to mashed potatoes or make vegan ‘parmesan’ by grinding almonds with nutritional yeast in a food processor.

Beans and legumes have always been a big source of protein for vegans and vegetarians alike, but did you know that lentils pack one of the biggest punches in terms of protein? Lentils come in many varieties including french green, red and yellow and can be found whole or split.
Not only does half a cup of lentils contain approximately 9 grams of protein but it’s also an excellent source of thiamine, iron, folate, zinc and phosphorus. Because lentils have high amounts of resistant starch, they have a favorable effect on blood glucose levels, this fact makes them a great option not only for vegans and vegetarians but also those managing diabetes.

You may have seen a very vivid green powder in the super market or health food shops lately and wondered “What the heck is that?” Well chances are it was spirulina, a dietary supplement rapidly growing in popularity. Spirulina is actually a type of blue-green algae that can be consumed by humans and animals.
Like lentils, it contains all nine essential amino acids, and 1 tablespoon contains about 4 grams of protein. In addition, spirulina is also an excellent source of calcium, which is important since vegans typically do not consume dairy. While spirulina lacks vitamin B12, it does contain other B vitamins as well as iron and niacin. It has a mild taste which makes it easy to add into smoothies or sprinkle on other foods.

5.Bulgar wheat
There’s so much talk these days of whole grains, ancient grains and which grains are superior. We’ll add to that great debate and let you know that the middle eastern whole grain known as Bulgur is actually an excellent source of vegan protein. One cup of this hearty cereal grain cooked contains 5.5 grams of protein.
It’s high in fibre (higher even than favorite superfoods quinoa and millet) and breaks down slowly during digestion. It is also low in fat and low in calories but since bulgur is a type or cracked dried wheat, it is not suitable for people on wheat or gluten free diets. Try incorporating this vegan protein source into your diet by substituting bulgur where you world normally use pasta or rice.

Ah the humble pea… once pushed around on dinner plates everywhere, peas are actually a nutritional powerhouse not to be underestimated! They’re high in fibre and provide essential nutrients including vitamin A, K and B-6 as well as iron, magnesium and phosphorus. One cup of these little green gems contains about 5 grams of protein.
For this reason, they make an excellent source of vegan protein and you’ll often find that vegan protein supplement powders contain pea protein. But why not go straight to the source? Peas are easy to add into soups, stews, casseroles or even just snacking on straight up.

Vegans and vegetarians are likely no strangers to tempeh, that’s because it’s a versatile food source, high in non-animal protein. Like tofu, tempeh is made from soybeans but it contains different nutrients and textures and is made using a different process.
Tempeh originated in Indonesia and is made by natural culturing and fermenting of whole soybeans which are pressed into a cake-like form. Just one ounce of this soy-based food will provide 7 grams of protein as well as fibre and iron. Tempeh’s nutty, mild flavour is easily enjoyed by many in stir-frys, stews, casseroles, chili, sandwiches, salads, or even flavored, fried and eaten on its own.

8.Brown rice
Rice seems to have gotten a bit of a bad rap in recent years and while white rice may leave a lot to be desired in the way or nutritional substance, brown rice is a whole different story. Brown rice is a whole grain and contains all of the wonderful nutrients that are removed in the
process to make white rice.
One cup of cooked brown rice contains 4.5 grams of protein and is an excellent source of iron, fibre, B vitamins and magnesium. Brown rice is often eaten along with beans in many cultures because together, they form a complete protein. Add brown rice to soups, stews and casseroles or use it as an ingredient to form your own veggie burger patties.

9.Sunflower seeds
You’re likely no stranger to sunflower seeds, but if you’re like us, you only really eat them because they’re found in a lot of breads, musli and cereal bars. Many of us rarely seek out sunflower seeds on their own, but you’ll have good reason to after reading this. Sunflower seeds  are an excellent source of vegan protein as 1/4 cup contains 6 grams of protein, as well as fibre, B vitamins, iron, folate, zinc and vitamin E.
They’re widely known as a healthy fat and they also contain phytosterols which have been linked to lower cholesterol levels. Sunflower seeds are great eaten as a snack all on their own but they can also be sprinkled on salads and added to your favorite granola. Or for something different, look for sunflower seed butter in your supermarket or health food store. Spread it on toast or sandwiches just as you would any type of nut butter.

10.Nut Butters
Nuts are a popular choice for healthy fats and non-animal protein, and while peanut butter may be a childhood favourite, there are tons of other nut butters out there that pack a much better nutritional punch. Almond butter for example provides 6.5 grams of protein in just two tablespoons, and not only that, but almond butter contains less than half the amount of saturated fat as peanut butter. It’s also higher in fibre, iron and calcium.
Steer clear of nut butters that contain added sugars and keep them in the fridge for optimum freshness. Nut butters are obviously great on toast and sandwiches but also work well added into cookies, bars, muffins and other baked goods.

Try new spices,seasonings seeds,
grains & condiments:
Here are some new things we're trying:
Spiced Paprika, Chili Lime Seasoning, 
Bragg's Liquid Aminos, Hemp seeds
Stone Ground Mustard, Hoisin sauce, 
Agave nectar, Maple syrup
Bulgar Wheat, Nutritional yeast,
Grits, Cashew Milk
Already been using:
Himalayan salt, Turmeric, Ginger
Flaxseed, Chia Seeds, 
Almond Milk, Coconut milk

 August 22, 2017 25 DAYS VEGAN
 Happy Healthy Eating!
Tune in for updates on our adventure. 

Pinto beans cooked with spices and chia sees, flax seed.  Tempeh is cooked and seasoned and then mixed with the pinto beans and refried all together.
I fry my own corn tortillas.
Add all the toppings you like on yours.
I use cheese made from almond milk
I buy it at Natural Grocers.  

Reviewing Tofutti Sour Cream
It's a Winner.

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