Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sweet Little Somethings for Romantic Decor

It's February, the LOVE Month.  I have created a few romantic pieces to make
use of the small scraps of wood that are piling up in my workshop.

Painted on sheet music collaged onto wood.

I collaged a page from a shorthand book before I painted this heart wreath with roses.
Then I hand lettered this quote:

Purchase any of these sweet little somethings to add Romance to your Room, go to

Do you LOVE the stiffened fabric hanger with button attached?

 I have bits of fabric, cardboard, paper, buttons, I put the cardboard to good use finally for my wings!

This board has white eyelet fabric collaged on first, then I painted the quote.

You guessed it, Netting will adhere to wood! What a fun texture to paint over!

Fun with new signage..going to be adding this to my inventory over at

More Sweet little Somethings

This one is a Big Sweet Heart,size 16" x16"


I love the three part boards to create a larger surface and I Love the
Rustic Wood.  Available to purchase here

So This was my Valentines Romance 
Art for LOVE Month!

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