Monday, January 13, 2014


Once in a while you run across kindred spirits and they lead you to good things.

I have been searching for a retail shop in a location not too far from my home, that I could rent a space in and display and sell my Art and Goods. The Search is OVER!

Highway 21 between  Caldwell and Bryan, Texas
If you are traveling in Texas, please detour this way to visit! Find them on 
facebook - Splinter's

This is the beginning of my Booth set up.  
Me and David are as happy as two
Hogs Playing in Mud!
It feels like we Moved after unloading 
stuff to haul over to Splinters.

Now, Meet the Stars of the Show:
Devil is the Bloodhound...He's resting after a long day of Shop greeting.

And here is Blue with Devil.
Blue has a nickname..'Tripod'. Blue is a survivor of a coyote attack a few months ago.
He has one hind leg missing. But His Spirit
is Not tarnished!  He is the sweetest most Loving Dog, and Blue and Devil are so much
fun to visit with and they Love People,
so Do Not be Afraid when you see them greeting you at the car!

So How did I find this place????

I was visiting some local shops and resale shops in downtown Bryan, Texas. I was lucky enough to stumble upon a nice lady (Katie) who looked very zoned into her treasure hunting with a Passion that I recognized.  

Thank God I am not shy and neither is Katie. I asked her if she had a shop or knew of a shop I could rent a space in for selling my art and junk and what not. 25 minutes later, we arrived at the shop- "Splinter's" Wood Creations and Furniture and Gifts and Now MY ART and Creative junk!  When it's Right and you know it, Why Wait!

I have some good Vibes about this shop, it's New and it's getting lots of people visiting.

I hope you will stop by if ever you are in the Vicinity of Splinter's!

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