Thursday, August 25, 2011

UPdaTed PhOtOs of the FLeA MaRkeT

We've come a long way here at Country Flea Market.

Started out with an empty space, and now it's full 
of stuff and we have had lots of sales.

Started out looking like this:

And next are a few pics of how it looks now:

We have it all fenced in now.
I love the fence because we can hang
stuff on it and it makes me feel safer.

Stuff comes in and Stuff goes out,
this is the outdoor covered area.

This one and the next three are InSide the Shop

See more pics if you click here

We open daily Come Early, we close when it gets
to be Too Hot, which is about 2:00 pm.
1003 N. Market, (bus. hwy 6)
Crossroads of Texas, Hearne

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Polly Jones said...

Wow, I want to come visit your flea market. It looks like so much fun!